Ballast Dust


Ballast Dust is the perfect blend to use for pork, BUT the Captain wouldn’t be mad at you if you wanted to use it on anything else… it’s just THAT good. Ballast Dust has hints of cayenne pepper, mustard seed, and orange peel for a sweet, bold flavor – with just the right amount of heat.

TIP: When the Captain is smoking a rack of ribs, he likes to toss Ballast Dust Blend on heavy.
If he is having breakfast, he likes to sprinkle a little Ballast Dust on his bacon to give it a boost of flavor, but as we said before – feel free to toss it onto steak, chicken, or even add a little oil to marinate your proteins.

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We learned about this company while on vacation in 2021. We absolutely love their seasoning.

K Sister

I was recently gifted this amazing blend of herbs and spices. I love the flavor and so far it seems to go great on everything. I do have to say , I would have preferred it come in a shaker container.

Joe Knudsen